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1. n. A lame term used for "Bring your own beer". Typically used when a party thrower doesn't have enough money to throw a real party.

2. n. A kick-ass song by System of a Down that sings about current events, feelings, and parties. For this version of B.Y.O.B, it means "Bring Your Own Bomb".
"Hey man I'm throwin' a party tonight, BYOB."

"Wanna headbang to B.Y.O.B.?"
by PenalMaster May 23, 2005
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Niggervison is a much more awesome name for the television channel known as "Black Entertainment", or "B.E.T.".

It's origins are from my awesomeness.
"I love watching the Niggervision channel."
by PenalMaster August 05, 2005
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A tastey 146% fat milk that is thick, yellow, contains some hair, and comes from a fat kid named Jame's tits.

Remember! It isn't REAL 146% milk unless you see an ugly fat kid on the carton!
"My JamesMilk has a hair in it!"
by PenalMaster March 03, 2005
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A message board with around 40 members run by a smelly, mysterious, man who hates FG.
"Mainframe A is owned by a guy who hates FG."
by PenalMaster March 03, 2005
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