The belief that a person is more Individual and unique than their friends. Or, the need to be more unique than people around them.
I have the most underground music taste out of all my friends, since my individuality complex needs me to be the most unique.
by gummybeargirl November 2, 2020
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a feeling that you must be the only one to feel, enjoy, like, or do something.
powla: omg! that character is so hot!
jane: right!

powla: i want to be the only one who loves him. go away!
jane: god, you need to work on that individuality complex of yours.
by daddykittename January 25, 2021
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An enneagram 4w3😩🥺
"Damn no one likes the same music as me..."
"I like Les Rallizes Dénudés too man!"
"Fuck.. oh wait i gotta work on my Individuality Complex"
by xkwn04 January 9, 2021
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