Is the date a beautiful, person is born. A bad ass, that one person that is a Awesome Fighter, will stand for there best friend. Small Circle. Also the person that can take peoples boyfriends & girlfriends when ever they want. They be pulling people. Thick not to mention. Skinny,Get the attention,Bad and boujee. Nice/Mean. Pretty. Gorgeous. Can fight.
Boy1: Yoo who’s that thick lookin bae cutie?
Boy2: Her oh she that lil baddie

everyone’s talkin bout. the January 18th baddie
by Thick lil baddies July 18, 2019
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A guy born on January 18th is The sweetest, coolest, smartest, best, most handsome person in the world.
Not like a guy that born in march 15
OH he was born on January 18th,

please marry my daughter...
by Salahuddin Ayyubi May 10, 2020
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It’s national crackhead day!! To all you crackheads wether you smoke or not you’re a crackhead!!! We are all crackheads this day! GOOO USSSS!!!
She likes to smoke a lot or she’s a crazy she’s a January 18th
by AJNSJDKJDJDJDHBF BE December 19, 2019
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annoy tf out of your tall friends.
oh hey its january 18th i can annoy my tall friends
by ur mom............... January 17, 2022
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Paul Ross Day! A holiday celebrated in Kazakhstan where it is a tradition for one to have Sexy Times. Paul Ross day is celebrated internationally and revealed to the United Kingdom by Borat Sagdiyev, the 4th most famous person in Kazakhstan.
It’s January 18th Happy paul ross day!
by wheresmymilk2020 January 18, 2020
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The day in which Alex licked his pointer finger tips and rubbed his nipples with prior mentioned salivated fingertips. This action was demonstrated in the commercials for "Clerks 2". This day is now celebrated by some of his "close" friends
OMG! yesterday was January 18th and it was soo funny! I couldnt stop laughing for an hour!
by tehehetehehetehehe August 25, 2008
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