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Mother, or eveything that is important to a Mexican you, don't mess with a Mexican's mother 'cause your gonna get messed up, or everything that is cool, cause we love our mothers. It can also be referred as one part of a person, Me parti la madre(I hurt myself) Me vale Madre, I dont care about anything. Ni madres, no way in hell
Chinga tu madre, screw your mother, a toda madre, way cool guy. Me parti la madre, I hurt myself, que madre, what bad luck. Me vale madre, I don't care about anything.
by Miguel Pachangas June 21, 2005
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A spanish slang word that translates to a softer version of "Fuck!" The word "madre" translates to "mother", but "madres" can be used to express exclamation in a less offensive way than the English version of "Fuck!"

Example: "Tenemos la tarea esta noche?, Madres!"
translation= "We have homework tonight? Crap!"
by toolguru November 16, 2007
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Normally, Spanish for "mother".

However, in Mexico and in Mexican-American communities, the word mama is much preferred, even in formal usage, because madre is now almost exclusively used in an insulting manner.
No dice madre; dice mamá. No quieres insultar mi mamá, ¿no?
by LudwigVan April 10, 2005
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A spanish word used when kids pleed not to get hit/slaped/ aka scrwed over, used now a days by every teen.
Rey: "Madre por favor i said i was sorry i didnt know bunnys couldnt fly cuz of its ears."
Mom: "Alitece for my belt."
by Rey March 20, 2005
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Madre means mom in spanish. A Madre is a nice,loving,beautiful,and smart.
My Madre is nice and loving.
by Jellyisyummy22 July 23, 2017
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Can also mean your going to get hit very hard in the face.
Ramon:Pinche punial te voy a dar en la madre.
josh:Mother fucker im gonna hit you in la madre.
by BetoTheDestroyer February 01, 2004
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