1. Something said when there is an awkward silence between friends or to break the ice. Usually said as a question. see meow

2. In spanish, literally means "speak" or "I say"
by J-Wheezy June 27, 2005
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1. a term used by fat kids with no better insult or comeback at that period of time.

2.a random outburst uttered when walking into a classroom.
by i'mthefreakinboss December 13, 2011
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Habla is German last name, though it is not very common in Germany. It is also a Spanish word for speak.
by TaylorSarah February 1, 2009
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When you are unable to speak the language of hollandaise.
Guy 1: Hey bro want to grab some brunch tomorrow?

Guy 2: Sorry man, no habla hollandaise.
by Ststanstan August 21, 2019
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A synonym for "real talk," or "real spit," meaning truthful.
1: Yo bruh, Harold told me ol' girl sucked him off in the whip after the movie.

2: For real?

1: Yeah man, that's real habla.
by Big_Lew November 4, 2010
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POV: you were bored so you typed the first lyrics of "we dont talk about bruno" in spanish.
*singing we dont talk about bruno* "Im bored" *types it in in spanish* *singing no se habla de bruno"
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Habla Ebonics? street name talking black black soeak ebinics vernacular blenglish

The moment when one realizes it’s time to break it down, drop the BS and just tell it like it is. Preface by asking “habla ebonics?” (Meaning do you understand the words that are about to come outta my mouth...?”

Plain English:
Her perspective is juxtaposed.

Habla Ebonics:
She got $#!+ twisted!
Example: girlfriends at a day spa, one girlfriend is delusional and only one friend in the group tells it like it is and one friend is politically correct. Jane describes Molly’s delusion as”
“Her perspective is juxtaposed.” Sasha, the sole black friend wants to check the temperature of the room before being frank and honest before rendering her opinion, so she asks, “Habla Ebonics?” Jane replies, “Girl, si,si! So Sasha’s agrees and mirrors Jane’s opinion, but speaks in Ebonics by replying, “Girl, Molly got $#!+ twisted.”
by Thouston299 December 30, 2019
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