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Ohio law 2917.31 Inducing Panic

I might get charged for this soon in about 2-3 weeks. Pray for me. If you see this in the future, dm me on discord if you want, my username is MyLifeIsAMeme#4444, i might reject your friend request, so im the owner of this server discord.gg/cVaEqnbwxw i have server dms enabled
school: you might get expelled if you are charged with 2917.31
me: FML
by Lazar Blade September 20, 2021
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the question that i ask everyone, and it got my crush to hate me...
Me: hey whats your favorite porn category

My crush: WHAT!?
by Lazar Blade September 28, 2021
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Judge: The homie is hereby sentenced for life with 3 counts of aggravated robbery, 3 counts of attempted murder, 2 counts of capital murder, illegal possession of guns, illegal possession of cocaine, and illegal possession of meth.
me: free the homie he aint do nothin❗️❗️
by Lazar Blade September 27, 2021
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you: god i fucking hate my life

First, get up and do something fun. ...
Now, take a dialectical perspective. ...
Consider whether there is something you can change in your life. ...
Get immediate crisis help. ...
Seek long-term professional help.
by Lazar Blade September 18, 2021
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When you're gonna say "whoever" or "whomever" but need a fancier word
Bob: my friend smeared a big fat shit on the toilet seat
Smith: Whomstever would do such a thing!?!?
by Lazar Blade August 22, 2021
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You're typing non-random keyboard combinations hoping to find one that's not defined, Because you are more bored than ever, And probably procrastinating. This time you went from right to left on the bottom row of your keyboard, And then top to bottom on the upper 2 rows of your keyboard, From left to right. I beat you, loser. Now go to sleep, Its like 2AM. Or not..I don't care.
Guy 1: Im so bored...
Guy 2: How bored?
Guy 1: mnbvcxzqawsedrftgyhujikolp
by Lazar Blade March 21, 2021
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