A Sunderland supporter.
It is derived from something or other to do with the ship building industry with 'we mackem and ye brackem'.
I'm afraid I'm not sure what this means however.
Come on the mackems!
by josquius April 15, 2004
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wannabe geordies the shame o th bludy cuntry n hav gt t hav th worst futbal team ganin ! th only people in england hu h8s geordies so they need t gan fuck themsels ! TOON 4LYF !
mackem -a reckin we myt beet newcastle th day lyk

geordie-way nar man sundalands th worst team ganin
by Lil Anna E August 24, 2006
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north east peoples...

geordies, from "neecassal" (newcastle) generally fit birds...

smoggies, from "the boro" (middlesboro) generally pakis...

and mackems who are from "sunnerlun" (sunderland - i had the misfortune of being born there, thank god ive now moved south to safety... darlington!) generally charvas, and cant talk normal no matter how hard they try. also they tend to all have the same daily routine...
Ah get me girer (giro) slip in the perst (post) in the marnin, then ah gan doon the perst affice (post office) un cash it in like. then ah gan do me shoppin at netters (nettos) and gan yam un get pissed on lambruscer (lambrusco)
by southerner in the north July 08, 2004
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Never mind the boll*cks about shipbuilding, we invented this term for you. I remember talking to Mackems in the early eighties who'd never heard of the expression.
There's no mystery here, in plain English you say "make and take", in Geordie it's "mek and tek" and in Sunderland you say "mak and tak".
You'd have to be a thick Mackem not to understand that.
by .Shabba. February 16, 2006
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Bunch of six fingered mongs who believe they are actually relevant, they are from the shitest place in England, known as Sunderland, they often call themselves Geordies to actually be relevant when meeting fellows British people.
Person 1: "I see your mate has six fingers and married his little sister, is he a Mackem?"

Person 2: "Aye unfortunately"
by Oh FC August 18, 2017
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