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Derogatory, comes from the name of a British skip company, a 'biffa' is a fat person.
Describing something as biffing is like describing something as huge.
That guy is such a biffa.
That's a biffing coat you're wearing today.
by Paul Schmidt November 15, 2003
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(n.)(Mainly Brit) An obese and foul-smelling woman, who often wears T-Shirts with vulgar statements on them. Usually quite slutty, and with a skinny loudmouth boyfriend who suffers from acne, See they desrve eachother . The origin is the waste management company operating in the united kingdom, that has white skips with large red lettering. This lettering stands out, despite the smell and size, just as the fcuk design on her shirt does.
The morbidley obese woman with hair tightly pulled back and her stomach hanging out of her "fcuk for england" shirt is called a biffa
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
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one dreadfully looking young lady, usually overweight, spotty and easy...
jade goody is a good example within the public eye.
Jade goody is a biffa
by dannywarrenz August 09, 2006
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(Big Idol Fat F***ing Arsehole)

Biffa is a word used to describe the guy/girl in the workplace that is 100% useless at everything. Horrible creatures that should be avoided at all costs
Biffa are persons normally found between the toilet and thier desk stuffing thier faces with the free food provided.

They can also be found talking to you about everything that bores and annoys you and the worst part being you cant escape the foul stentch that pours out of thier mouth.
by Stuart Findlay February 05, 2008
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biffa-meaning fat or stupid
other meaning or sayings around the word biffa-chiffa meaning chubby biffa or biffaish meaning if somthing is not very fat but abit fat.
e.g: you are such a biffa !
stop beeing a biffa !
by Louie Ellis March 07, 2006
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A style of management, ie rubbish, based on the waste disposal company in Britain of that name
Oh, God! Another crap decision by the Biffa management!
by Gray P August 10, 2005
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A commonly used insult from a man to an extremely ugly/unatractive girl.

Mostly used on drunken nights out!
"Oh my god, that girl is an absolute biffa!"
by Barney September 29, 2003
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