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if something is the shit, its cool. if something is the shitest. its the coolest.
that band is the shitest.
by kate January 21, 2005
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If something is the shit, its pretty awesome. So being the shitest, its the awesomest.
See Jacob Kiker.
Jacob Kiker is the shitest kid ever.
by his bestfriend meredith August 21, 2008
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Shitest or Shitty = the worst around

Commonly confused with the meaning of "The Shit". The important part of this is without "THE" an entirely different meaning applies.

For example:

1. That concert was shit! = Horrible concert
2. Dude, that concert was the shit! = Great concert

If you apply THE before shitest/shitty you are NOT changing the meaning like shown above. You are simply emphasizing how shitty (horrible) whatever you are referring to.
1. Wow, your boyfriend forgot about your anniversary? That's shitty. = that's fucked up, break up with him.

2. Bro, you live on the shitest side of town. = Your parents should've picked a better place to raise you.
by Cupids arrow July 24, 2017
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