drunk, intoxicated, etc. (from "foam", the bubbly substance on the surface of beer when poured in a glass, which is the most potent part of the drink).
"All of us got majorly foamed at Ulrich's stag party, which happened to fall on a thirsty Thursday!"
by Frank Reich June 02, 2007
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The act of defeating another player in a computer game.

When you own someone while playing Unreal Tournament or Quake (the only manly first person shooters), they become foamed.

Foamed is interchangable with the word owned, but if used instead, it automaticly makes you 10 times cooler- or more.
*l33tKiLLA was foamed by Vanilla's shock rifle*

Vanilla: foamed bitch.
l33tKiLLA: wow, you're 10 times cooler than that guy who just owned me. Or more.
by Mr Thickshake April 21, 2004
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Another term for “shoes,” typically used in the ghetto or hoods.
Aye bruh he took my foams!
by Dong3r June 12, 2019
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superlative, indicating something is the best; the shit (but better).

Just like if something is "shit" it is usually bad; but if it's "the shit," then it's good. Such is the foam.
This shit is the foam!
by Chris G Selector July 12, 2006
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To go beyond fuming, to be so angry that your foaming at the mouth.
I heard they aren't going to pay out your insurance mate?
Yeah that's right, I'm fucking foaming mate!
by Feon June 19, 2018
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v. To enter a state of rage and/or anger due to frustration. Often used in online gaming situations where circumstances would cause the player(s) to feel the need to rage.
I just went 23-0 in the last map, I bet the other team is foaming.
by tdotmang January 06, 2011
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A tradition of being a completely hopeless cunt in a variety of situations.

Foaming is a cornerstone of Sri Lankan culture which was bought to Auckland, New Zealand in the 1990's and quickly adopted by a number of people from Hamilton.

To foam can mean to be the guy who never turns up, passes out first or is continually the drunkest guy at the party.
"Wheres jigs?"

"He didn't make it, it was too far to drive"

"That cunt is foaming, he probably would have passed out first anyway"
by Kingfoam July 17, 2011
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