Saying something with excitement or being surprised!
Guy:Hey did you see that baby do a back flip
You: Holy jesus balls no way!
by Swag Wolf May 11, 2016
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A term used in a cosplay skit, one about Narutards, and how many there are. Basically, it was one of the best skits I've seen, and it made me laugh. Jiraiya was great for saying this.

But other than that, the term is basically the coolest thing ever, only being used by the truely amazing people.
Friend: Woah, check out that sick ride!
Other Friend: Holy jesus convention, that is friggin' sweet!
by Shelbyyyy June 18, 2006
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Used to represent extreme exitement or suprise.

See Screaming Jesus On A Ferris Wheel

Easy term to explain the crucifiction of the son of God.
by Tompson Versetti May 25, 2004
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guy 1: Holy Jesus on Ice Skates!!!
guy 2: Wats the deal?
guy 1: Gary Coleman died!!!!!!!!
by mjd15 June 22, 2010
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An expression used when something cool or mind blasting happens or is seen.
Holy Fucking Jesus!, that woman isn't a's a whale!
by f00dnetw0rk June 19, 2010
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What my Jewish grandmother used to say. Like, when she was sewing.
"Holy Shittin' Jesus - I just dropped another button!"
by Sean Brian Kirby October 4, 2005
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