35 definitions by Frank Booth

Hey, can I have a piece of your doolsey?
by Frank Booth January 1, 2005
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whatchamacallit, thingamabob, thingy, dingus, doodad, dohickey, etc
It's over there by that...dumaflache.
by Frank Booth August 11, 2006
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to depart, leave (from O Brother! Where art thou?)
The boy's ma not here. She dun runnoft.
by Frank Booth January 10, 2005
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to hit someone over the head with a pillow, from TV's "The Electric Company"
Stop glunking your brother.
by Frank Booth January 18, 2005
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in a multi-player gaming environment, one who is not playing to win, but rather, one who is playing to make a particular opponent lose, or playing simply to disrupt the game
"Why did you hit me? I wasn't even ahead, you hater."
by Frank Booth December 27, 2005
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