"a stringed instrument of the harp class used by the ancient Greeks especially to accompany song and recitation"
Etymology: Middle English lire, from Old French, from Latin lyra, from Greek
Date: 13th century
I'm such a lyre.

i play the instrument that is known as the lyre it has strings on it and has the best sound in the world!
by Dont look back in anger October 30, 2004
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coolest guy alive. Somebody everyone admires.
lyre is just too kool =D
by sdfvasfwe September 19, 2003
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A person, who loves his cilla very very much. Even though he is very queer we love him for who he is, he has nippitus.
by lkjslfjdsf April 25, 2004
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-verb, to lyre
-the action of striking a person or object with a lyre(musical instrument)
Dam the guy got lyred

How could you tell?
He still has strings sticking out of his head

Paul just lyred the music teacher.
Is the lyre ok?
by Raversanthem August 19, 2010
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When someone is best to the point that their ribs protrude, like flowers out of the ground.
Man, Tony got it bad from those guys. Full lyre bouquet, blood everywhere.
by Lucid Xaoc Reigns August 24, 2021
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Used to describe anything, wether it’s a place person or a race
“You know that kid who always buys fortnite ranks?”

“Yeah that Nug is such a Lyree
by .04727. February 27, 2018
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