The All-Around girl. From what I have seen they are diverse in their members. Alpha Chi's seem to be the only sorority girls that you could actually bring home to mom. They have girls who like to party and girls who don't, girls that have 4.0's, Miss America's, and just your typical girl next door. If I were to say, from my experiences with sororities, Alpha Chi Omega's have the most genuine class, character and easy going demeanor.
"Who's that girl over there?"
"She's an Alpha Chi Omega."
"That's the girl I am going to marry one day..."
by fratman101 October 2, 2011
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Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University in Indiana as the first sorority in the school of music. Today Alpha Chi is still going strong with some of the most beautiful and succesful women you can find, and are known for helping the community. Beauty, brains, and a good reputation...what more could you ask for. Famous Alpha Chi's include Trista from ABC's the Bachlorette, Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, and my personal favorite, Condoleeza Rice. A lot of jealous people make rude comments, but we dont care because we know we're destined for success
by Proud_Alpha_Chi April 1, 2005
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Alpha Chi Omega is a sorority for girls who have it all. Beautiful, smart, talented, wealthy, good-hearted, and thoughtful, an Alpha Chi girl is one who will impress you at every turn. Whether she's tutoring your dumb ass in differential equations, making you sweat on the dance floor, or drinking you under the table every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, she's doing it all with style, beauty, and class. Girls, if you don't think you can handle all that...don't worry, we probably don't think you can either. But we're sure you'll enjoy your time as a sister of Sigma Lambda Upsilon Tau. Fellas, you can tappa Kappa, try Delt, and get Alpha Phi all for free, but when it comes time to marry, make sure you choose an Alpha Chi girl!
"Man, this morning, that Alpha Chi Omega who wouldn't hook up with me at Lamba Chi Alpha and who was doing kegstands 'til 4 in the morning was STILL answering all the questions in my 8AM section!"

Here's to KKG, with their littled broken key
What the damn thing opens is a mystery to me.
Here's to KAT with their little busted kite
I wish to God the wind would blow it outta my sight!
Anchors to DG, throw 'em in the sea,
And I don't give a damn about the horny Alpha Phis!
I could wear the broken arrow of Pi Beta Phi,
but the only one for me is the lyre of Alpha Chi!
Don't rush the others...
by IWISHIWEREANAXO March 4, 2007
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basically the hottest sorority to exist on this planet with the hottest girls, best parties, and best name. dont feel bad that your not a part of this sorority...and if you join another one like alpha phi, delta gamma, theta, its ok you can continue to stive and be like us.., it wasnt meant for everyone for a reason. only the elite, the classiest, it was made for the finer things in life.
"Oh my god Ashley, if i dont get a bid for Alpha Chi Cmega I think I might die!"

"Were sorry that people are just so jealous of us...but we can't help it that Alpha Chi Omega is so popular"
by AXO hottie December 18, 2005
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A sorority common on many campuses due to their tendency to take any girl who didn't make it into the other house. Their pledge classes can become too large because they need the extra dues.
"I didn't get a Phi Mu bid, but I guess Alpha Chi Omega is alright."
by Mr. Fratty March 3, 2010
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Although not represented well on a few campuses, Alpha Chi Omega is made up of beautiful, classy girls on most. At Miami University in Ohio, as well as UGA, and other well known schools, AChiO is known to be the best. The haters might call them AChi"Ho" but that is only becuase they are jealous.
by unaffiliated January 23, 2007
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Possibly the one sorority that cannot fit any stereotype. There are girls that look like tri delts, DG's, KD's, Phi Mu's, Zeta's,Pi Phis, and Thetas; from my experience, at least. They are the ones, at least in my chapter, that don't really give a damn about what people think about them, but just strive to be the best sisterhood that they can be. We have girls who can drink you under the table, girls that can eat, girls that can make you laugh, and girls that are so bitchy they can make you cry. We are more of a fraternity than a sorority, and that is why I love us.
"What's Alpha Chi's stereotype? "
"I've heard of Alpha Chi Obesa...but that chick looks like a tri delt."
"Yeah but that one looks like a Phi Mu..."
"What about Alpha Chi Ho-mega?"
"Yeah..that chick over there really knows how to get down"
"But that one doesn't go out...she's kind of a nerd, actually"
"Ha..well, I've got it..Alpha Chi-oholics"
"Isn't every sorority girl an alcoholic?"
"What the hell is going on?...I feel like I'm in the twilight zone...I feel like someone took all of the sororities and mashed them together to make Alpha Chi Omega."
by peacelovecrunk October 4, 2007
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