love you lots
(only used in AIM profiles)
by theaimdefintionman August 29, 2003
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leave you alone
leave ya alone “
by Plutoodaddy February 14, 2023
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French version of lol (laughing out loudly)
Its true! French people often use it. (gaming)
you suck, lyl nap
by debleckdeth August 30, 2006
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Later You Loser.
My friends always use it on emails and passing notes.
You usually use it when signing off an email.
by Aura173 June 8, 2006
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"laugh, you laugh"

The imperative of lol. A command to make someone laugh.
you: man, I've had the WORSE day ever.
me: LYL!!

you: I'll never laugh again
me: lyl

you: no! I will not bow down to your commands
me: (threateningly) LYL.
by Ashlme February 5, 2008
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Something to say to someone who always says FML, use LYL.
by nash.davis.charlie April 25, 2010
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