love you lots
(only used in AIM profiles)
by theaimdefintionman August 29, 2003
French version of lol (laughing out loudly)
Its true! French people often use it. (gaming)
you suck, lyl nap
by debleckdeth August 30, 2006
Later You Loser.
My friends always use it on emails and passing notes.
You usually use it when signing off an email.
by Aura173 June 8, 2006
"laugh, you laugh"

The imperative of lol. A command to make someone laugh.
you: man, I've had the WORSE day ever.
me: LYL!!

you: I'll never laugh again
me: lyl

you: no! I will not bow down to your commands
me: (threateningly) LYL.
by Ashlme February 5, 2008
Something to say to someone who always says FML, use LYL.
by nash.davis.charlie April 25, 2010
A text message sent by Opal Crankshaft to her close friend and grandson, Bryant Hollifield. They started doing this when Opal misread LOL to mean 'Lots of Love'. She uses it on Facebook as well as on her cell. The initials mean 'Love You Lots'. So if your relationship with your sweetie isn't going well, try sending them an LYL!
Opal: Oh great! Another great Facebook message. I wonder who wrote this?

Earl: I did! I sent you an LYL. Its not that difficult. You still look as pretty as the day I first met you!

Sylvia: Dad, you LYL'd Mom? That's sweet! But what is LYL? I've always heard of LOL, but not that one.

Opal: (she takes her cell out) Well, it means Love You Lots. Me and Bryant use it. He loves it. (she kisses Sylvia and texts LYL)

Pearl: Yeah, that's a real love maker there! When you see an LYL, look out! Your heart's gonna burst.

Opal: That's right, Sis, gotta warm up those love muscles. (she kisses Pearl).

Earl: Sweet! LYL is very pretty. (they all take their cell phones and make a toast) Here's to us, LYL! Love You Lots!
by Dusty's Baby Powder February 22, 2012