4 definitions by Ashlme

"be quick and have fun"

to be used after brb and similar
you: brb
me: bqahf

you: i'm going fishing
me: bqahf
by Ashlme February 7, 2008
One of the 'Flood' that appear in the game Halo. The big ones with no eyes that explode and have them little spider-y things fly out of them (aka bogeys)
you: what the hell is that?
me: a nose bag

you: I was totally pwned by that nose bag earlier

you: those nose bags are so funny!

me: the only reason I play on Halo is to pwn them mofo nose bags!!
by Ashlme February 5, 2008
"ha ha that makes I laugh"

similar to lol but uses a Somersetian dialect. As in it uses the language framework of a person with a strong Somerset accent and/or dialect (Somerset here being the South-West England county). I invented it. Thanks. Anytime.

Not to be confused with "hotmail"
you: I'm so ill, I could throw up a horse.
me: hhtmil

person: (drops something) oh no!
you: hhtmil
me: hhtmil too
by Ashlme February 4, 2008
"laugh, you laugh"

The imperative of lol. A command to make someone laugh.
you: man, I've had the WORSE day ever.
me: LYL!!

you: I'll never laugh again
me: lyl

you: no! I will not bow down to your commands
me: (threateningly) LYL.
by Ashlme February 5, 2008