The Most good looking guy who lives on earth he'll make everyone laught when he gets mad he'll become the biggest Beast ever. Even if he look sometimes like a nerd
Damn you Look like luu Today
Thank you you look Luu to m8
by OrfeuZ December 12, 2016
Chinese descendents who retreated back to Vietnam due to the 3 dynasty's having conflict
That's tZao luu RUN
by Hfhduwisis August 4, 2020
The one who rules all. Cardin Luu is a human known for their god-like capabilities, and incredible thinking. He has also extremely high hops.
"Hey do you see Cardin Luu over there?" "Yeah, I heard he is almost like a god!"
by cqrdin January 9, 2023
Someone who dances seductively, passionately, slowly, and on beat in exchange for rave tickets and a jersey
Guy #1: "Hey how's it going with that Tinder match of yours?"
Guy #2: "Oh she's such a jennifer luu"
by a sad abb December 23, 2019
Basically the most amazing person in the world. She is the ultimate troll and always sees BWBH jumping onto his bed. She will marry certain peeps one day *cough Sebastian Michaelis* *cough* and I will be her best man. SHE IS THE C. If one completely owns something, it is said to be Monica Luu'd.
Bob: How did you do on your test?

Kirby: I think I Monica Luu'd it!
by Bloomranda November 30, 2012
Hilarious misuse of a word, gross misspelling, or a grammatical error so egregious that the meaning of the sentence is completely lost to all who attempt to read it.
Improper Conjugation: "The photo was actually the third time I meet him"

Ending Sentence with Comma (and other mistakes): "What he ment to say for me, was I was a ball boy for Antoine Walker,"

Just Confusing: "What are article?"

Word Swapping: "Yeah, I was always from my 'desk.'"

Usage: "I think you have to read that email from right to left it has so many Luu-ow's in it"
by Luu Luu January 23, 2007