A city in southeastern Sweden. Also the birthplace of Sena Lund. The place got its name from the little blunder.
by ff December 16, 2003
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Lund (lʌnd) n.
1. a city in SW Sweden, just north-east of Malmö; population 107,351 (2008). Its university was founded in 1666.
2. a common term for a person of low general intelligence, a person notably stupid or lacking in judgement;
3. a person who lacks the capacity to develop beyond the mental age of a nine-year-old;
4. an overly annoying and abrasive individual; one who exhibits an irritating quality akin to having a wart on one's cock
"Did you hear about John?"
"He's in the hospital - tried to iron a shirt while he was wearing it"
"He's such a lund!"

"You've given it to that lund to do? You've more chance of getting a blow job from the pope"

"Have you been eating cripple biscuits? Christ, you're such a lund"
by Aromatic Plums July 26, 2011
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A lund is a person of typically sub-average intellect who looks like a little but like a llama. A Lund almost always the prefix, "How to be..." before a sentence.
James is so slow, he's a typical lund!
by rajmabean February 12, 2018
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A city in Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden etc.

In South Asia, it means penis in a vulgar slang.
Bro! I am going to be in Lund this summer for a music festival.

Yar! Have you tried sucking an uncut lund? Rubbing your tongue under a most foreskin makes me so horny. I am going to suck so many lunds in Lund this summer.

Woah dude! That's fucking awesome!
by Chikna BaccaChikna February 06, 2018
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When Lund enters the room, all the girls say, What a Dick!
by steve drake October 25, 2003
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