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Just the local Hindi word for a penis.Can also be used to denote a totally despised person
George Bush is a lund
by Bingo November 04, 2003
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A city in Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden etc.

In South Asia, it means penis in a vulgar slang.
Bro! I am going to be in Lund this summer for a music festival.

Yar! Have you tried sucking an uncut lund? Rubbing your tongue under a most foreskin makes me so horny. I am going to suck so many lunds in Lund this summer.

Woah dude! That's fucking awesome!
by Chikna BaccaChikna February 06, 2018
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In Indian Hindi word penis is spoken as land or pronounced as lund. Mostly Indian Gujarati word for Penis is lund.
Darling aaj tumhare lund ne mujhe bahoot maza karaya.
by V Shah August 04, 2007
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