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An kinky act in which one person lays down with celophane over their lips and the other person shits on the celophane.
John and Jen loved lunchboxing when they had to take a dump and were horny at the same time.
by Dirty O Fries June 27, 2004
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A corporate planning technique similar to 'timeboxing' where ones work schedule or current task is bounded by a certain time frame, in this case the need to go to lunch.
PM: "Did you adjust the story points for tomorrow's scrum?"
Dev: "Sorry Bob, I was too busy with real work and then I got lunchboxed."

One dev to another: "Yeah, we'll definitely be lunchboxing Bob's request."
by smartasskicker July 08, 2011
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a immature high school boy act in which an innocent student has their backpacked emptied, flipped inside out and has their belongings placed back into the backpack zipped up like a lunchbox. People are often seen walking out of the classroom holding their lunchboxed backpack because there is no way to hold it.
ex: Jimmy and Connor were seen lunchboxing the class clowns backpack during science
by #averagehighschoolkid February 09, 2012
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when someone above the age of 18 ingages or attempts to carry out any type of physical relationship with someone below the age of 18.

Kenny is LUNCHBOXING on a 15 year old
by lunchboxXx1313 April 08, 2009
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1.) when someone's high and they're way too obvious

2.) when someone's acting a mess or high with out actually smoking

3.) smoking weed
whoa man you need to stop lunch boxing, my 's coming

"is chris really lunch boxing?"
"nah dude"

"hey you want to go lunch box?"
by purple_tiger June 07, 2009
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When you or your co-workers eat lunch in the same room and stink-up the place with your smelly food.
It's 12:30 and the I.T. department door is closed. They must be lunchboxing their office again because I can smell that food from down the hall.
by pallywauly_EF August 11, 2014
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