Teenagers who think that they are super cool cause they do drugs .they mostly do it for attention .
"Only high kids would understand"
"We are high experts "
"I do so much molly that I'm a high kid"
"I'm a high kid and I love attention "
by manyourcool December 6, 2013
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This group of students are known for carrying disposable cameras wherever they go, to document EVERY moment of their "eventful" lives. Then, they feel the need to post these pictures on facebook in albums with 100+ photos that no one gives a crap about. Next, they smoke pot outside of school in front of the security guards and teachers, who dont do anything. Everyone plays a sport and if you dont you play chess or are a drama geek. despite all the negatives they're known for amazing plays and dance teams. that is all. peace out girl scout.
"Dude, what up with that disposable camera you carry everywhere"

"Man, dont you know I'm a Columbia High School Kids?"
by Niall Horannn July 3, 2012
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Mostly just a bunch of nerds that try overly hard at everything they do. They get a free ride to the state championship for football in 2009 and... BOOM! Their better than every school in the area from Saint Rita to Mount Carmel and even think their as good Rice whos even worse than the other two schools named. Not to mention Marist did lose that game. Also with this lame school, they think that they are good because of a volleyball state championship, but in reality volleyball is what we would call a "wussy" sport.
Marist High School Kids: "Were the best school ever we won a state championship and we got runner up in 09!"

Everyone else: "You guys suck! you win volleyball and lose to main south in the championship!"
by Wegonfindyoazz January 27, 2011
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to be little kid high, getting so high you act like a little kid. When you get retarded high and cant stop smiling.
i was little kid high last night after that blunt, i just couldnt stop laughing.
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The state of being when one smokes so much marijuana, they begin to develop characteristics similar to that of an autistic child. Symptoms include a desire not to be touched, brooding silence, lack of eye contact, and often wandering off without telling anyone.
Liz is currently autistic kid high. She freaked out when I tried to hug her good-bye, then left the room mid-conversation without a word to anyone.
by ribcagee May 11, 2011
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Means to be insanely fucking high. Rich kids have more money, so they get better weed, therefore they get higher. #RichKidHigh (go trend it)
"Dude...That bud was insane. I'm rich kid high right now."
by Alfred Bitchcock October 16, 2014
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That one kid who you pay for entertainment or stuff. He’s cool unlike anyone named jack
Yeah that Ayden the high fruntoce syrup kid is cool
by The one guy who does stuff January 17, 2022
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