The best city in Western North Carolina. It is totally different from any city in the South. Hippies and Rednecks come together to make this city what it is. It is also known as A-Ville or Ca$hville.
Hey man want to go to the drum circle in downtown Asheville?
by Caitlin B June 29, 2007
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The biggest city in Western North Carolina. Asheville is home to some of the most liberal people in the South. Despite having a reputation for poor drivers, homosexuals, and potheads, Asheville is a really cultured place. If you can look past the Biltmore House, Asheville has a lot of very cultural things to do that can change the way you think. A djimbe drum circle meets every Friday in downtown Asheville at Pritchard Park, until it gets too cold. Downtown Asheville is the best part of the city, with many locally owned shops and restaurants lining the streets. Local musicians are plentiful, regularly showcasing their talents to the passerby. Asheville has some of the most diverse music and musicians in the region. Tourists frequent the city for the beautiful scenery, the Biltmore House, and to experience the culture that is Asheville. I wouldn't want to live in Asheville for long, but it is worth spending some time there.
Ever been to Asheville, Fred?
No Jim. What is it like?
It was cold and quaint, but the music was great!
by Crandall Gaither November 12, 2007
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Not what it seems. Tourists have no idea, in fact pretty much anyone who has been there for less than 10 years has no idea. It is not downtown and Haywood Rd. It is not somewhere that is friendly to the ignorant or worthy of your trust or assumptions. But it is a great place full of great people if you are either #1 a visitor and real about it, or #2 that you, yes you, are also from the area or have equivalent local experience (at least 10 years, likely 15+). And we know when you're lying so just don't even try. If you flex native on a local you'll get robbed blind and you won't even know it happened you stupid asshat. But if you start thinking about moving away after moving here, you'll find out you can't move away because the quartz, uranium, leylines in the ground, fairly decent drugs, amazing outdoors, wonderful people and culture, and eventual ignorance of what you thought Asheville was, are the things that actually keep you around. At this point, you're fucked. Abandon your dreams for a halfway decent reality.
Asheville is pretty dope, y0
by Tallywag August 26, 2020
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Where a couple is polyamorous until one partner actually has sex with another partner. Then heads roll.
"Yeah, they said they had an open relationship, but it was Asheville Polyamory."
by Cordial Spirits October 16, 2009
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The given name to the effect that moving to Asheville, NC has on any unknowing individual. It completely reverses high hopes and aspirations into a complete and total acceptance of mediocrity. The unknowing victim is completely ok with this transformation

Only those who have moved away understand its effects and become immune to the curse.
I had a 3.5 GPA in high school and acceptance to college, but I think working at Office Max for the rest of my life is fine with me. I have succumbed to the Asheville Curse.
by The Real Shocky January 04, 2012
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When someone ODs on fentanyl and has to be woken up using Narcan.
Imagine this family walking around downtown Asheville:

Kid: "Look ma', the man is sleeping on the ground and drooling on himself"
Mom: "Yep, he's taking an Asheville nap!"

They then keep walking.
by smolkar306 May 28, 2019
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This is where you move to when you hate monogamy but love your Subaru. 😍
I’m bored with my spouse. I’m buying an Outback and moving to Asheville, NC.
by Jason Thibert January 01, 2019
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