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1 definition by Guardanis

A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer has total, or partial, control of oneself and one's surroundings, by making the realization that he or she is actually asleep. It is this realization that allows the dreamer to experience what is known as a lucid dream on one of these possible levels:

1. The realization has been made, but there is no control of oneself or of one's surroundings
2. Semi-control of oneself, with no control over one's surroundings
3. Full control over oneself, still with no control of one's surroundings
4. Semi-control over both oneself and one's surroundings
5. Full control over both oneself and one's surroundings

There are many techniques for lucid dreaming that have been developed and improved upon over the centuries. These include: habitual reality checking, recording dreams (dream journal), meditation, verbal reinforcement, etc.

The best method (the only one from the 21st century), requires nothing but an Android device, and can be used to experience a lucid dream tonight; whereas the previous methods could take months, even years, before results are seen. To try the Android method, search for "Lucid Dreamer" by Guardanis on Google Play.
Last night, I experienced a lucid dream in which I had superpowers, flew across the galaxy, and dated Mila Kunis at the same time.
by Guardanis July 12, 2013
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