best person in the world, sexy as hell and the best person in the world. All the girls love him and he is friends with everyone. Everyone admires him and looks up to him.
OMG its luc! lets get his autograph!
by luceft October 26, 2011
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have you seen her dad? he is such a dilf, must be luc
by barewillygirl June 30, 2021
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an amazing person that is normally rich and cute as heck
wow, you're such a luc
by mxrto October 6, 2020
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Luc is one of the kindest guys you will ever meet. His smile can light up your whole world in an instant. Just being around him makes you feel safe and cared for. He can be quite and reserved or outgoing and fun. He is an amazing boyfriend. Sometimes he may think he isn’t good enough but in all honesty he’s perfect the way he is. He’s smart, compassionate, athletic, and funny. You can be having the worst day of your life, but if Luc shows up, everything seems ok. No one deserves a Luc in their life but if you’re lucky enough to have one hold on to him.
Wow I really really like Luc
Being with Luc makes me so happy
by Kait_Likes_Luc May 31, 2020
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From the Latin meaning "light" he motivates others by his gentleness is a natural born leader.

Very loyal, respectful, fearless, outgoing, idealistic, fun loving but with a competive nature.

Due to a very loyal and fearless nature these two combined will mean Luc is a force to be reckoned with, do not cross him, he expects nothing less than loyalty from his friends and family especially his mate.

He also attracts quite a lot of female attention due to these characteristics
Loyal as Luc
by mickous February 12, 2010
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The "Law of Unintended Consequences," or LUC, is a natural law that basically means SHIT HAPPENS
As LUC would have it, the "dream girl" I met 48 hours ago left me, stole my life savings, took my cat, ate all my food and called my Mom and told her I was a terrorist in training.
by William Dean A. Garner September 9, 2003
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