A test that has nothing to with law school whatsoever, yet is required for admission unless you have enough money or politics to get in otherwise. The most infamous section is the Logic Games section, which is a series of obscure puzzles that one must solve given certain rules and variables. Seriously, this has nothing to with law school. The other two sections have some merit, as one tests reading comprehension while the other, the logical reasoning section, is what actually tests your ability to logically make arguments.
Sample LSAT logic game:

An advertising executive must schedule the advertising during a particular television show. Seven different consecutive time slots are available for advertisements during a commercial break, and are numbered one through seven in the order that they will be aired. Seven different advertisements – B, C, D, F, H, J, and K – must be aired during the show. Only one advertisement can occupy each time slot. The assignment of the advertisements to the slots is subject to the following restrictions:
B and D must occupy consecutive time slots.
B must be aired during an earlier time slot than K.
D must be aired during a later time slot than H.
If H does not occupy the fourth time slot, then F must occupy the fourth time slot.
K and J cannot occupy consecutively numbered time slots.

1.Which of the following could be a possible list of the

advertisements in the order that they are aired?
by LawStudent408 January 31, 2012
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Annoying ass test that gets you into law school unless you have enough money or politics to get in.
(John) Yo homey I am broke off my ass but want to go to law school G.

(jamal) You gotz to take the LSAT's then bro.
by kiss my November 28, 2007
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