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Stands for "Laughing Really Silently". Used when something is funny but you're not or can not laugh out loud.
Wow lrs.That's ridiculous.
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by SamLive July 04, 2016
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Army term for Long Range Surveillance. In the Army a synonym for bad-ass, also used to mean "sneak up on someone"

There are 2 types: LRS-D and LRS-C.

LRS-D is a unit at the Division headquarters level, LRS-C at the Corps HQ level. LRS-D units can operate 50 kilometers forward of friendly forces, LRS-C 150 kilometers.

There are six major types of LRSU missions. They are surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition, damage assessment, terrain and weather reporting, and collateral activities.
Soldier 1: "After Ranger school got my ass transfered to LRS."
Soldier 2: "That's balls-out insane bitch. Must be nice, I fucking hate you."
by infantryscoming August 06, 2010
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