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Lowe it, or Lowe-it, man

Originated from London (yes the one in England/UK) and is a shortened variant of "Allow it" or "Allow-it, man".
The term is similar to the saying "Water off a ducks back" and is employed when one wants to let a slight or insult go, and not indulge or get involved in an argument with some inbred arse monkey that is:-
1) Too stupid to come up with an insult that might actually get a rise from you.
2) Or a total fucking hypocrite anyway, that no one takes seriously, ergo, you let their insult go, as it's meaningless from such a fuck tard anyway.

The "Lowe" rather than "Allow" is due to the London accent that contains a glottal stop.

It should be noted that the term really comes from UK, London based, inner-city black culture, and NOT from rich middle class boys who think they can cut it as a black youth in the UK.
So here is a crap of how "Lowe it" or "Lowe-it man" should be used.
Slag-Hoe -

"Oi, man, your trainers are well out of date, init, man"
"Y-e-e-a-a-a-h, Lowe it, man."
(As the Slag-Hoe is a jobless single mother on benefits with more kids than a football team and a is probably carrying a few SDIs for good measure.)
by Dizzy butthole November 07, 2013
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