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An individual who is the lowest man on the totem pole at his job and often is requested to do manual labor.

A man who works under or for a female dominated office; this man may have a normal position but is often requested to carry things or move boxes because he is a man. Often low men are persuaded to do work based on mass approval of the women of the office.

A low man is an interchangeable/non-descript man and often his boss will confuse his names with the names of other low men.

Lowman are typically ranked be seniority with the lowest man known as “Super Duper Low.”

Low men often get paid just enough so they don’t quit and are promised a hypothetical future of promotions that never come.

Low men often refer to each other in the friendly term “low man” or simply “low” as they have an unspoken code and are a part of the fraternal brotherhood.

Sir: “Where’s low man? Hey Lowman, where you been?

Lowman: Sorry sir, I was just changing the water at the water cooler.
What’s that? You need me to carry your brief case to your car?
No problem, can I……..

Sir: Hurry up; I need you to run an errand for me before you go home.

Senior Man (formerly a low man): Damn that low man is getting fucked.
by Motha Fuckin Low March 17, 2009
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