A chat board on Neopets. Shortened to FC.
Go back to the FC, you m00fin loving pansy!
by Anonymous May 8, 2005
A club of fans; including ceiling fans, bedroom fans, window fans, etc.
"It's getting windy in the fan club."
"Suck my cock mothafucka."
by maaan June 25, 2006
a 29th rate wolfgang.
whereas wolfgang catered for the fashion students and aspiring z grade scenesters fans also known as fans12 or fans fans fans! tends to have an uglier, more boring clientele predominantly made of of rocketsmiths ex girlfriends, slampieces and workmates.
"dude! lets go to fans club tonight!"
"no way man. i have standards!
by emmy the great April 1, 2009
An unnumbered throng of tenacious hangers-on to the 20th century electro-pop/punk band, DEVO.
"Members of the DEVO Fan Club are extraordinarily DEVOTED."
"The President of the DFC thinks Mark Mothersbaugh is a gawd! But, in fact, he was just the Fred Durst of the group."
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
besties who love to giggle, gossip, prank each other and have fun!
jane fan club is full of the best fanpages 🤫
by norrisxsparkle December 13, 2021
The oldest and most powerful organization in the world which yielded members like justin bieber and rebecca black. The club is not open to all and it fancies a weird initiation process unknown to the outside world. The member is supposed to show how gay or sissy he or she is in front of the "chosen unicorn" . Basically this is the dream society for most of the girls and 1/3rd of the male population.
Dick: Hey scooter , guess what I just got initiated into the unicorn fan club.

Scooter:(blushing)-Oh my God!!!Oh my God !! Oh my God!!
I'm gonna kill you!!!
by iam8 March 26, 2012
A friendship group brought together by a mutual love for a pupper named Nacho
Nacho Fan Club >>> Synth maga klan
by fkzzz May 14, 2019