A chat board on Neopets. Shortened to FC.
Go back to the FC, you m00fin loving pansy!
by Anonymous May 8, 2005
A club of fans; including ceiling fans, bedroom fans, window fans, etc.
"It's getting windy in the fan club."
"Suck my cock mothafucka."
by maaan June 25, 2006
a 29th rate wolfgang.
whereas wolfgang catered for the fashion students and aspiring z grade scenesters fans also known as fans12 or fans fans fans! tends to have an uglier, more boring clientele predominantly made of of rocketsmiths ex girlfriends, slampieces and workmates.
"dude! lets go to fans club tonight!"
"no way man. i have standards!
by emmy the great April 1, 2009
An unnumbered throng of tenacious hangers-on to the 20th century electro-pop/punk band, DEVO.
"Members of the DEVO Fan Club are extraordinarily DEVOTED."
"The President of the DFC thinks Mark Mothersbaugh is a gawd! But, in fact, he was just the Fred Durst of the group."
by Chingo Bolemongo October 5, 2006
besties who love to giggle, gossip, prank each other and have fun!
jane fan club is full of the best fanpages 🤫
by norrisxsparkle December 13, 2021
A friendship group brought together by a mutual love for a pupper named Nacho
Nacho Fan Club >>> Synth maga klan
by fkzzz May 14, 2019
The club that ships Jem and Maia almost as much as they do.
They are separated by distance, but that will not stop them. Their fans will not stop obsessing over them.

This club is currently headed by President or rather now King Niel, and has held it's first official meeting on Jan. 26, 2013.

The club hopes to upgrade to a harem, and have special member Emma Watson join.

The shipping never ends, and the meeting commence spontaneously, however one need not worry if they wish to join. All they have to do is believe in Jemaia.
The Jemaia Fan Club sure was awesome today--there were so many fandom references names and beautiful moments with Jem and Maia. It was perfect.
by King Niel January 27, 2013