A place off the Atlanta freeway, which is set right back in the middle of a field. It has glitter on the front porch and mattress, and has a tin roof, rusted.
The Love Shack is a little place where we can get together.
by Dr Pinch April 18, 2005
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Where you go to get your fuck on!!
Last night I took your mom to my love shack and she gave me a double-sided face pounder.
by CJ March 29, 2005
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is a little old place where we can get togetherrrr, love shack babayyy, love shack baby!
i was listening to 'love shack' on the radio today
by Amanda Catherine August 31, 2008
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1) The parked trailer in a back yard or shack-like building (tool shed) that a man brings many women to for sexual intercourse. Sex does not always occur, to the disappointment of the owner. Blue ball's

2) A "shack" used to fulfill the physical and sexual needs of the people involved inside.

3) The enclosed area, in which one is accustomed to only he/she living or occupying that space. It may be a house or bedroom within the house, and when "on the prowl" the owner uses this personal space for the intent of prowling and bringing back the hunted for sex.

4) A friendly environment with friends who have equal male/female energy and respect for each other. At least one male/female needs to be known for being promiscuous. Participating in any sexual act is not required with in the group of friends. Comedic insults or "high five's" will be directed towards the promiscuous person.

5) A house or apartment where all friends feel comfortable and open sex talk and crude behaviors or ideas are carried about with conversation. Flirtations often arise.
"So, I heard you took her back to the Love Shack... Is there anything more to tell?"

"Hey, sexy lady! We are all hanging out at the Love Shack. Stop by!"

Man/Woman has a date and brings them home. Man/Woman looks at their bedroom door and says "I want to fulfill every need you have. Would you accompany to the Love Shack?" Cheesy music is playing and the bedroom door opens.

Sleezy man hit's on a chick at a bar. He say's, "My house is right downtown, three blocks away, I have drinks and we can play the records you wanted to hear." - Meanwhile his home has been referred to as the Love Shack, but the girl is unaware she is about to be seduced then thrown out.
by Spudralina September 10, 2011
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When one is chiefing a juul while participating in sexual activities
Honey, I just got new cartridges, lets get love shacked!
by niknakshack January 31, 2017
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A silly little place up the railroad tracks where two men can "shack up" for the night and fall madly in love beneath the stars, undisturbed to let the hands
wander and please each other...
Gary:Hey Curtis you know a place where we can be alone and play silly little reindeer games and watch the stars?

Curtis: Golly gee, a friend told me about this
" brokeback love shack " near here, there we can do what
we want and no one will ever know !
by squirtdonkeys December 16, 2006
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The opposite of a love shack. A room, apartment, or house that, despite one's best efforts to decorate in an attempt to impress the opposite sex into carnal relations, merely results in somehow disgusted them and leaving you unfulfilled.
I haven't gotten any action since I moved into this place! I guess that makes my apartment an anti-love shack!
by TJ Griers March 18, 2008
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