adj. American English slang from 1843, seeing its peak in the mid-1940's; currently, it is more commonly heard in New England states.

To be abundant in something.
Downtown was lousy with tourists during spring break.
by imppress January 31, 2019
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"well, you could see he really felt pretty lousy about flunking me" (salinger 12)
by pbbt September 25, 2007
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For white people it means a blowjob

For black people it means a cigarette
So if I give you 20 dollars, you'll give me a lousy?
Sup nigga, can I bum a lousy off you?
by G-O-D July 31, 2006
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Someone who fulfills some but not all of the criteria of being a hipster. He/she either differs from hipsters in at least one important way, or inconsistently exhibits hipster-like characteristics.
Nich claims that he's a lousy hipster, but I haven't seen him eat meat in at least two years. He's totally gone vegetarian.
by WithEazE July 16, 2013
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