Top definition streamer who plays NBA 2k games and spends large sums of money on virtual cards only to lose many of the matchups he plays in. On top of losing many games, his constant "welching" has earned him a bad reputation within the twitch community. In real life, Louis (4 ft 11 3/4 inches) spends much of his day sleeping and "going to the gym."
Trey: yO, do you think Lospollostv will stream tonight?
Nick: No, that tater tit, melon head, greasy, obeej meej with a small purple pickle is going to welch us again.

Joey: OpieOP My height is 4'11" OpieOP in this chat I weigh the most OpieOP you guessed it right OpieOP my name is Los OpieOP
by NIDWIW ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค˜ March 18, 2017
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Very small overweight streamer who welches his stream and thinks drake is the next 2pac
Bobbysack: Lospollostv is a very fat man
by Cucucillutsplau March 19, 2017
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LosPollosTV is a 4'2" NBA 2K Twitch streamer who starred in a 2008 Episode of My 600 Pound life, as the youngest participant in show history, at 13. Louis claims to be a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He begins his streams with a half-hour introduction, with Drake music, Ocean Man, and Cold-Blooded by Flight Reacts. He follows up the extensive introduction with these actions: reacting to a 10 minute YouTube video from another 2K YouTuber for an hour, or dickriding Drake and LeBron James, despite him being a "Heat fan." Los is often a culprit of a Welch, where he doesn't follow through with his promises. Louis often spends hundreds of his viewers' dollars to open virtual NBA 2K MyTeam packs, to pull virtual Play-Doh cards that are irrelevant for 2 reasons: they're virtual, and Los loses most of his 2K matchups with a better team. He may post Basketball vids on YT. Los is bad at bball bc he plays it like he plays 2K, only shoots 3s, doesn't drive or play defense. Louis treats his viewers poorly, even the ones who subscribe to his Twitch. The only benefits are Los's trash emotes (we want LosNut) and he has Sub Sunday, where he lets subs request vids to watch. Even if videos are good, Los skips the videos because he doesn't care about his viewers (Skipped all my Tyus Jones videos). Los ends stream when he gets mad at getting called names, or losing wagers.
PS, if you tweet this at him and he reacts, tweet an Oddshot @TyusFuckinJones unsub
Tim: Is LosPollosTV streaming today? He's my favorite streamer.
Rational Person: lol that tubster will Welch his April schedule before you know it.
by NickKerrFan4Life April 02, 2017
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This 4โ€™3 375 pound machine is known as โ€œwelch godโ€ โ€œtubby mctubsterโ€ and other names. Lospollostv likes to stream once a week, and on the other days he is โ€œworking outโ€ which really means the big dude is chowing on some pizza and wings and beating his meat to pictures of Alyssa. He is known for โ€œwelchingโ€ and being bad at video games that he spends a fortune on. he is on the luminosity gaming team as the mascot.
Bobby: Shut up big man
Lospollostv: Mods i need a perma ban bobby in the chat

Plebs: Ok? And?
by drxbblegod October 09, 2018
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