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Anybody who is a huge fan of Lebron James or dickriding LeBron James. They become fans of any team LeBron James plays for. These type of individuals thinks that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.
1. Brian Windhorst of ESPN is the #1 Bronsexual in the universe since he dickrides LeBron James more than Libertarians dickrides Rand Paul.
2. 92% of Cleveland Cavaliers fans are actually Bronsexuals since they did not follow the Cavs before LeBron(before 2003) and between (2011-2014).
3. ESPN is the #1 Bronsexual Sports Media Outlet. The motto is the "The Worldwide leader in Dickriding LeBron James."
4. Skip Bayless is a closet Bronsexual
by Bearmonster96 April 14, 2015
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Bronsexual is a term used for anyone who has dick rode and bandwaggoned LeBron so much that Lebron has become the basis of their sexuality and life. A bronsexual is likely to tell you some of the most blasphemous things you will ever hear. For example "Lebron James Is the G.O.A.T" or "Lebron is better than Michael Jordan" and any other insane, not even logical shit they can think of. A Bronsexual is literally the most annoying sports fan ever. That will tell you Lebron is the greatest but not tell you why and then whenever you tell them Lebron has lost in the finals more than he has won. They will blame his All Star teammates instead of giving him any blame. A bronsexual tends to bring up other players like Kobe to change the topic away from Lebron. A Bronsexual is literally in a full fledged relationship with Lebron mentally. and they will defend their boo with their life. Its quite sad honestly. Most of them don't even watch or care for the sport.
Pete- Hey man, you seen Kobe's last game. It was dope. He dropped 60.

Daryl- Yeah, but see lebrons game against the timberwolves 2 weeks ago. He got a double double dude.
Pete- yeah, but kobe literally retired. this was a monumental moment in the sport.
Daryl- Lebron is way better than Kobe anyway. Check out my Lebron lows and my cavs jersey.
Pete- what did you do with the heat jersey?
Daryl- Put in the closet in case he loses and decides to go back
Pete- Oh
Daryl- Kobe sucks, Lebron is better than Kobe and Jordan combined
Pete- Jordan is 6 for 6 in the finals, kobe is 5 for 7. Lebron is 3 for 7. Lebron cant win without an allstar team and even then he loses sometimes. He is a joke. He isn't even top 5. You are dickriding him
Daryl- yeah but what about David Ortiz dude, he is hitting a lot of home runs this season
Pete- Changing the topic like a bronsexual does.
by GM123 July 20, 2016
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Any Individual that dickrides or is a bandwagon fan of Lebron James. They will make outrageous claims that Lebron is the best player of all time without proper proof or evidence. Most times they can’t even uplift Lebron without downplaying another player. They also tend to make excuses for ALL of Lebrons shortcomings they will even go as far say “you don’t know basketball” if you don’t agree that Lebron is the best.
“If Lebron won some more rings he will be better than Jordan no debate”
“But if Jordan has more rings wouldn’t he be better?”
Idk man Bron faced some tough competition”
“You’re for sure a Bronsexual”
by H.Benson June 19, 2018
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A term used by haters of LeBron James to describe fans of James, while not realizing that they are in fact the bronsexuals. They bring up useless bad stats from games he played seven years in the past to justify their hate for him, can make any topic about LeBron, cum on themselves when anything bad happens to LeBron, and overall just cannot stop talking about LeBron James. Typically massive Michael Jordan stans. Skip Bayless is the head Bronsexual.
John: This guy on twitter just called me a bronsexual.

Joe: what’s his twitter name?
John: @lechoke3-5lebumsux
Joe: just ignore him. He’s the real bronsexual. He has a whole twitter page dedicated to LeBron.
by Russell George May 31, 2018
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