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what men love most
gonna go down to the peeler bar an have some titties an beer
by Yo Mamma May 12, 2003
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one who jerks off to asses...usually used when describing a homosexual.
guy number 1- "dude, lets go to that party tonight"
guy number 2- "no way, theres gunan be to many tank wankers there"
by Yo Mamma November 22, 2002
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los•er•face n.- one who is a failure at life, and will live the duration of their adult life as a hobo in a box
The loserface picked his nose for food, and wished he could be more like the amazing Tara Jacobson who is just so cool.
by Yo Mamma November 18, 2003
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A real one. One who is honest, the ladies says he is FINE. Chocolate skin, long hair. Love to have a good time. Very private yet has the most fun. Very blunt, great chef did I mention everyone LOVE them some Keenan. Understanding and loving. Keeps secrets. Basically an all around close to perfect person you can get. God took extra time with Keenan.
Keenan is that guy!

Everybody loves Keenan
by Yo Mamma November 23, 2021
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an exteremely obese child
flying pigs
crossed gened w/ cow and pig
my fat little moo piglet at the ass plant fatty tissue
by Yo Mamma November 23, 2003
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