ADJ; Talking too much, Someone that talks alot.
Wow, That girl is a loquacious person.
by PDizzlefoshizzle18 June 5, 2005
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A word describing someone who is very talkative, and is also used as a synonym for fluent. Mike Doughty uses it ironically in his 2009 song "Pleasure On Credit".
I've got words, but I'm not loquacious.
by WolverinesFan June 25, 2010
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Lafonda is most commonly described as being loquacious.
by Yes. Ma'am. January 14, 2009
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To be loud, talk a lot, sounds like a ghetto person's name.
by AudaciouslyLoquacious February 3, 2010
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A giant word, but all it means is chatty or talkative
Natalya is super loquacious, but that's not a bad thing.
by Happysunflower January 28, 2020
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Good, having clout, tight, right on, righteous, swanky, fancy, rad, gnarly
Bro I just ate most loquacious slice of ‘za
by Yung bungus November 4, 2018
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