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Natalya is an amazing person who will be very honest even though you don't deserve her patience and honesty, she will be nice to you anyway because she is a Natalya.

Natalya is the girl who wants to save everything, like a superhero, she is the one trying to heal injured animals and humans, like a doctor. Natalya is such an incredible person. You are lucky if you know Natalya.
by The-best-friend April 11, 2013
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A Natalya is a normally cheerful person who tends to bottle up their emotions. They're always kind to others and put their friend's & family's happiness above their own. A Natalya could be depressed and you'd never know because they're good at acting and putting on a smile. They're good listeners and love to help others, but don't get on a Natalya's bad side or you will deeply regret it.
Person 1: Wow, she's such a Natalya. Helping her friend get with their crush.

Person 2: Wait, Doesn't she have a crush on that person too?

Person 1: Yup, but she'd rather make her friend happy than make herself happy.

Person 2: You're right. She's such a Natalya.
by Zari_the_best May 10, 2018
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a sweeet girl ..caring and lovves to laughh..there for her friends through thick and thinn...romantic and cutee. shez beautiful and is optimistic. shez kind and jovial..laughs at nothing and loves to smile..her smile can even light up your day..
Dude: look i need a date..i gotta find a natalya
by nday January 17, 2013
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beautiful girl who is fun, caring, and intelligent. very spontaneous, and knows how to have a good time
find anyone named natalya, and find out for yourself!
by melvin fisher August 22, 2008
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Every mans dream woman. Sexy, sassy, cute and clever. Best friend ever, body to die for and the most beautiful face this world has ever seen.
A lucky man finds a Natalya.
You want the ultimate trophy girlfriend? find a Natalya.
by k67 June 24, 2011
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A person who is kind thoughtful and the most beautiful girl you will ever meet.However she is a flirty type even with a boyfriend.she is down to earth and even when she annoys you she makes you smile and loves everyone no matter who you are
Don't be cruel be a natalya
by LOYLXX July 28, 2019
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A smol, but badass chick with an amazing sense of style, great music taste, good humor and all around, is a great person (aka butter, butternut, or nut)
Yo! Natalya is amazing!”
by shortpancakestack June 24, 2021
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