its used to say dat everything will be fine, like if somebody has a problem and u want to make him feel better u or to make urself feel better about a situation
you're having a conversation with ur pal in school and he says: hey i missed my test
you say:so what are u going to do about it
he says: i don't know
you say: No Long Thing, u'll get it worked out
by ibk August 9, 2005
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The Children:whats that
Arnold:this is mr long thing your new class mascot
Arnold:go ahead and pet mr long thing
The Children:He spat at me
Arnold:I dont care keep peting him
The Children:i dont like this
Arnold:Dont make me do to you what i did to mr fluffykins
The Children:where is he
Arnold:up my ass should be out in two week....or more!
Arnold:keep going danmmit or ill break your legs
The Children:your scary
Arnold:don't mind the white stuff it mean he likes you
Johnny:taste salty
Arnold:thats it you dead
Now poor johnny is in Arnolds ass
by Dookie and J-Dog July 13, 2006
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Can be used to refer to any form of weapon - especially a knife, golf club, baseball bat or even a spouse - that can be used to fend off thugs at the unlikely time of 3 in the morning. (Brought up by morning show host Karl Stefanovic and unintentionally taken way out of context by fellow news anchor Georgie Gardner on Channel Nine's Today Show in February 2011.)
(1) I grabbed this long stabby thing that I have next to the bed just in case someone breaks in.
(2) Tim is my long stabby thing.
by Quizmaster 85 May 2, 2011
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