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Can be used to refer to any form of weapon - especially a knife, golf club, baseball bat or even a spouse - that can be used to fend off thugs at the unlikely time of 3 in the morning. (Brought up by morning show host Karl Stefanovic and unintentionally taken way out of context by fellow news anchor Georgie Gardner on Channel Nine's Today Show in February 2011.)
(1) I grabbed this long stabby thing that I have next to the bed just in case someone breaks in.
(2) Tim is my long stabby thing.
by Quizmaster 85 May 2, 2011
Facebook shorthand for "I like this post, but I CBF to type an intelligent comment, so I'll just leave this letter here" ("F" supposedly standing for "follow(ing)", but you can make up your own mind).
FB POSTER: Miley Cyrus total #milf

COMMENTER 2: Total failure?
COMMENTER 1: No, I'm following this post, fuckwit!
by Quizmaster 85 January 13, 2019
Used as a suffix to highlight the nature of certain controversial news and current affair stories. Based on the infamous Watergate scandal.
MasterChef embroiled in SatayGate scandal (headline from the Daily Telegraph, 9 July 2010)
by Quizmaster 85 July 9, 2010