Human flesh over a GOP chassis. Always out there. Coming for your support. Cannot be reasoned with. Cannot be bargained with. Does not feel pain, or fear, or pity, or remorse. And it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until it gets to the White House.
Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Guten Tag. Mein name is Ahh-nuld. I want your vote, your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.
by Fearman September 15, 2007
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One complete fucking badass who totally fucking deserves his own list of outrageous facts like Chuck Norris. I mean seriously.
1. When Arnold Schwarzenegger once won a weightlifting competition, he celebrated his victory by eating his barbell, processing and melting the barbell in his stomach, and then crapping red-hot liquid metal out his anus.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger always puts a shitload of plutonium in his steroids whenever he uses them.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger only needs a single witty one-liner in his speeches to prove his point. And to win the ENTIRE population of the state of California.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger can crush bowling balls with his fingers.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger considers all other men to be girly-men.

6. When Chuck Norris had sex inside a tractor-trailer, some of his sperm got into the truck's engine. We now know that truck as Optimus Prime. Incidentally, a similar situation occurred when Arnold Schwarzenegger had sex inside a tank. We now know that tank as MEGATRON!

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger can eat a Rubik's Cube and crap it out solved.

8. Despite being exceptionally skilled with every weapon in the world, the guns that Arnold Schwarzenegger mainly prefers to use are his right and left biceps.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger can solve complex mathematical equations with his muscles. All he needs to do is remove certain people he dislikes from said equations.

10. Bill Gates lives in constant fear of the possibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger's PC crashing.

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger ejaculates in gallons.

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger can suffocate a man to death with his accent.

13. When you're out in the wilderness and/or near a body of water, don't say anything bad about Arnold Schwarzenegger, otherwise he'll come out of nowhere with his M60 machine gun already firing.

14. There are only four horsemen of the Apocalypse because Arnold Schwarzenegger don't need no horse!

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't use condoms. He uses live rattlesnakes.

16. Arnold Schwarzenegger can create miniature black holes by very, very, VERY tightly squeezing any object into a subatomic state with his hands.

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger can down several bottles of Everclear and never get wasted.

18. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 1 part man, 2 parts muscle, 3 parts charisma, and 100 parts AWESOME!

Now let's see you make up your own list of facts about Herr Arnold. I bet you can do this better than I can.
by Terminus_Est March 8, 2007
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The greatest bodybuilder of all time! Helped make bodybuilding the popular sport it is today by starring in the famous "Pumping Iron", and bringing bodybuilding into the mainstream.
by Zeebo the Barber November 3, 2006
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Famous former bodybuilder and Hollywood action star turned politician. Ostensibly a Republican but is a moderate conservative at best (what do you expect, he married a Kennedy). Of course, in California the main political groups are 'far left' and 'really far left' so I guess he's as Republican as you might expect a Californian to be. Won special election for governor in California mainly as a protest against scandals of the Davis administration. Is very popular with the people but so far no more effective than Davis in addressing the issues facing the state. His first real political challenge will come with the next general election, as so far his only real opposition has come from a corrupt governor and a top official in said corrupt governor's administration.
Thanks to his movies and outspoken political ambitions, everyone has at least heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
by Bogus January 10, 2005
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man who came back in time to save Earth!
Some sentences shouted by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I'm Detective John Kimble!
I'm a cop you idiot!!
I'm the party pooper!
I'm the Governor of California look at me im so great!
by NoZain May 21, 2006
Greatest man of the 20th century. Will soon be president and take immediate action in returning the soldiers home. He will then deploy himself into the most dangerous territory to defend the US and destroy all weapons of mass destruction.
O you want to fuck with me?! Your a fucking Choir boy compared to me! A CHOIR BOY!
by Mazoo November 5, 2004
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