14 definitions by ihonestlyhavenoidea

More powerful than "No U".
Jimmy: Your mom gay

Bob: No U
Jimmy: *pulls out uno reverse card*
Bob: *freaking dies*
by ihonestlyhavenoidea March 29, 2021
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Some sunglasses that got some dripppppppp
Guy: He has some nice sunglasses
Other guy: Dude those are drip sunglasses!
by ihonestlyhavenoidea March 26, 2021
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Best two words in the universe. Can easily end a conversation.
Jim: Your mom fat
John: No U
Jim: *dies*
by ihonestlyhavenoidea March 29, 2021
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cant turn that mongoose filter off, just act natural for your boss the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup

folgers coffee is actually bad
by ihonestlyhavenoidea November 16, 2021
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