London is beautiful,a boss bitch, A caring person ,she is loyal in many ways, she has a big booty and she cute
Basically London is a whole {meal}
by Braceface.Lon January 13, 2018
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The world's BEST city! Beats Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Excellent travel system, best shops, lots to see and do.
Mate: I'm bored, how about we go to Birmingham?
Me: No way, that place is a shithole. Let's go to London instead.
Mate: Yeh, good idea! Birmingham's full of inbreds anyway!
by RSK August 01, 2003
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Capital of England. Capital of the UK.
One of the four fashion capitals of the world, along with Paris, New York, Milan & Tokyo.

A place rich in culture, old & new, traditional & punk-rock.

Walk through the West End and you'll see restaurants of 10003 different countries, shops which sell handbags in the shape of watering cans, and about 70 people painted silver or gold or various other metallic colours who make squeaky noises when they move and scare little children when they go to put money in their hat.

Take pictures of red double decker buses, the Big Ben or black taxi cabs. Alternatively, take any London tourist guide and cut out the front cover picture which will contain all of these things.

If you're a goth, or a little bit 'alternative', go to Camden Market.

Anyone else go to Oxford circus for the biggest and best Topshop in the world, Portobello Road or Covent Garden (especially on a nice summers evening with a slight breeze in your hair and the gentle guitar strumming of the buskers in the background. Trendies in skinny jeans sit on street corners and listen to scene music and the strange gold squeaky men pack up after a days hard work.)
London is A fashion capital of the world.
by h June 14, 2006
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New york, Paris, Tokyo, all mixed up and pumped full of steroids.

This is the R rated New York.
London, Where dreams are made, sold and crushed.
by XIIIDom March 16, 2009
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London is a very beutyful girl. She can talk and be a savage but makes sure she gets her work done in school. She is really smart and u better not mess with her because she can beat your ass but if u be nice to her she will be nice to u. She is a very good friend and she will always stick up for her friends. She has super ligt brown eyes and dark dark brown hair. but she also may get mad at her friends but everytime u talk to her u will always have a smile on your face
Have u ever seen london at your school
by london ima bad bitch April 26, 2018
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Capital of, and easily the largest city in the UK. Host for the 2012 Olympic Games.
At least 52 people died in the bomb attacks in London last week.
by Brendan July 13, 2005
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