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A pretty rare slang word used in the 80’s.
Doing something pointless, hanging around, loitering or doing nothing.
“Shane, stop lollygagging, for God’s sakes!”
“I love to lollygag.”
by AnnabelleS October 09, 2018

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Known for his sharp humour, MCwhiteguilt is the best, youngest rapper known to man. His debut album, the Black album, invokes thoughts about his YouTube subscriber count: 23.
Hot chick: “Did you hear about MCwhiteguilt’s new song? It’s apparently the best yet!”
Hot chick n.2: “ I sure as fuck did. I totally cried!”
by AnnabelleS June 02, 2019

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The past tense of wipe, wope is the slang term for the action of having rubbed or cleaned a surface in the past.
Mother to son : " You woped yourself after shitting, right?"

Son: "Yes, I did wope."

(In olden English)

Man: “Sir, I have wopen the table for your meal.”
by AnnabelleS March 28, 2019

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