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When someone finds somthing amusing/funny.
"lolies, that was bare funny!"
"lolies, i aint laughed that hard in time!"
by almighty_yt November 14, 2007
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meaning laugh out loud yeahright (lol yeahright). used to show sarcasm etc.
i'm having fun loly
you look nice today loly
i completely understand what you are talking about loly
by dav&gaz July 20, 2011
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Laugh out loud but indecisive whether the mood is an X or a Z.
Freida: Has verst de uber-club lastun nite?
Dannyboy: I have no idea what you said. LOLZ
Dannyboy: I mean LOLX
Dannyboy: LOLY :)
by oenophile March 27, 2008
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