Wholefoods attracts the LOHAS consumer because they carry a high breadth of organic and local farmed products.
by dimondite July 21, 2006
The Babbitt of the new century. Young and well educated small families who promote an eco-ideology.

You can usually find them in the shiny quarters of New York, London or Berlin. They promote ethics of natural food and low co2, which are whether affordable nor desireable towards joesixpack.

LOHAS are self-righteous. While eating sophisticated organic stuff, they still fly around the world and inhabit vast mansions.
Their default revolutionary tactic is the carrotmob.

The straight opposite of the phoney LOHAS are the humble LOVOS.
Damn Lohas! All good vegs are sold out again.
by Davidclay March 14, 2012
1) Refering to 24 hours, 7 days
2) That means I'm always there
im stoned 24/7 for loha

(stoned means become a stone{always there})
by twdfsh2 October 19, 2020
Da fizzy brown soda-drink dat lei-festooned Hawaiian belles bring you upon arrival at da Islands.
Hawaiians ladies are big on dancing, so if one of dem brings you a big glass of Coca-loha when you arrive, be sure to drink it right away, so dat da caffeine in it will give you some get-up-and-go in case she asks you to dance wif her.
by QuacksO June 30, 2019