logjam (log-jam) - noun

1) When you defecate and a chunk of fecal matter is pinched off/left behind and you are unable to push this small remainder out.

As a result, when you wipe, you can never get completely clean, because every time you apply toilet paper you push a little bit of the pinch off poop nugget out, re-dirtying your balloon knot.

The only solution is to either get lucky enough for a bigger log to come down the pipe and clear the logjam, get in there with some kind of wedging tool (or your finger), wipe until your wrinkled penny is red and sore, flush it with water, or just walk around with mudbutt.
I took a dump and didn't get it all out. As a result, there was a logjam and no amount of wiping could get it cleared out.
by The Grunter July 27, 2011
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when the toilet won't flush because there's a turd stuck.
I wanted to use the public toilet but it was out of order due to a logjam.
by Kliff215 February 11, 2009
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The state of a public restroom wherein each bathroom stall is occupied.
I had to use the fourth floor restroom because of the logjam on third.
by Matthew W June 9, 2006
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A gathering of dudes or hanging out with only males.
This party is a total logjam.
by Nate Gates March 20, 2005
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In the course of gaining an erection. An intensely uncomfortable, or even painful sensation in your cock as it tries to rise to a full hardon but is restrained and held down by clothing, usually tight underpants or jeans.
I was following two girls up the stairs and I could see right up their little short skirts. Staring at their panties made my cock start to rise but my jeans wouldn't let it come up. WOW, did that HURT! I hate getting a "logjam" like that in public because there's no way to adjust it without people knowing what you are doing.
by Mickeymysterious1 April 25, 2009
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The most common remedy for a flapho is a logjam, though it has only temporary effects. A logjam is also known as a blowjob.
The girl I wanted out with last night was a real flapho, the only time she shut the hell up was when i logjammed her. I wish that logjam had more of an effect though, because soon after the logjam she went right back to her flapho self, yammering away.
by jimtank June 10, 2009
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When you're boning a fat chick, and you have to slow down, because her fat is in the way.
Dude, I was logjamming with Katie last night... Who knew she was that fat?
by DamnMan95 March 28, 2011
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