Something that is fail safe, cannot lose. A deal that is sealed.
I tell you, we have this scam sorted, lock stock the whole nine yards.

The deal's done lock stock.

Security? You're looking at security, I'm the commandant, this is lock stock, I'm telling you.

by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
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1.(males)When someone goes above and beyond the call of duty to do a cock block. This usually involves a second or third party to really make it extra awkward. This is, in particular just some guy trying to be a prick.
2.(females) Having to be an uber bitch just to get some guy to leave you alone.
Line at the movies. Male and female are dressed up and obviously on a date. Some dickhead is going on and on about how the girl is too pretty for the guy. He proposes to his friend that they kick the guy's ass because he's not good-looking enough for her; Lock, Stock, and Cock Block.
Girl: "Hmm."
Guy: "Can I get that number?"
Girl: "Rape!"
Lock, stock and cock block!

by MadamexXx February 28, 2009
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A very consistent name for the movie.

See, there is an idiom "lock stock and barrel" which means "entirely, from top to bottom".

Also "Lock" is a slang for weed, "Stock" for money, and "barrel" for itself. The major elements in the movie are "copious amounts of ganja", £500,000.00 debt, and two antique shotguns which are used to fight Rory Breaker - who, by the way, is the most cruel and coolest gangster in the world.
It seemed meaningless and lame as a movie name at first, but it all appeared to me when I saw it. It was truely "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels".
by Neverlander February 10, 2009
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Another great gangster movie directed by Guy Ritchie. Not gangster-gangsta movie, but gangsta-hahafunny movie.

Also, the only known movie to feature a guy getting beaten to death with a 15 inch black dildo. Seriously.
"Well, suffice to say, he got pissed.
"Well what happened?"
"He picked up the closest physical object he could get his hands on, which just happened to be a 15 inch black cock, and proceeded to beat the unlucky bastard to death with it. Certainly not the best way to go."
by Uncle Pablo January 18, 2004
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A brilliant movie, which you can't help watching a million times without gettin bored.
Best if you want to improve your Cockney =)
(From Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels)

- Oh and, if you do have to buy sodding fertiliser, could you be a little more subtle?
- What d'you mean?
- We grow copious amounts of ganja right?
-( nods and smiles stupidly) Yeah !
- And you're carrying a wasted girl and a bag of fertiliser... You don't look like your horti-fucking-culturalist. That's what I mean Willie.
by Willxl January 17, 2007
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A British gangster flick revolving around a set of Antique Rifles. Plot features a group of hustlers in debt to a shady crime kingpin/porn king, a couple low level thieves hired to steal rifles for said porn king. A stick up crew jacking a large amount of cash from a weed wholesaler, as for mentioned hustlers plotting to rob said stick up crew, while doing so with the pair of antique rifles bought from gun dealer, bought from thieves who were hired by porn king to steal rifles that they just sold to hustlers.
If you got lost its natural. Film by Guy Ritchie, considered a classic.
You will have to watch this three times to full understand the plot.
In my opinion, rightfully so but then again I'm not a certified movie reviewer.
Also in my opinion blows the crap out of "Boondock Saints" which was good in its own right.
For the record, I only put that there since I feel said movie is overrated in my opinion (but I'm sur the same is said with this movie) To be honest this a just a glorified Boondock Saints Rant
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells in a nutshell
Black Rubber Cock Murder Weapon thats all you need to know
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