Also written and said more grammatically correct as "suffice it to say" or "(it) suffices to say", this term basically, literally means "it is sufficient to say"

From the word "suffice" which when used as an intrasitive verb like in the example above, means "to meet present needs or requirements; be sufficient".

"Suffice to say" is often deemed an archaic version of the popular saying.
Current: "It suffices to say that my grief is unmatched."

Archaic: "Suffice to say, the trailer park in which that gentleman lives is quite the spacially economical achievement in residential land use."
by Jeremie Brian August 31, 2006
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A phrase that is commonly used when a person has an IQ of, or less than, a tape dispenser and wants to sound smarter than he/she actually is. People that use this term typically have the following characteristics: painstakingly boring, slow working, @$$-backwards thinking, and most commonly they like little boys.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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I term that has no meaning. Usually used by low IQ individuals to make them feel and sound more intelligent than what they are. Used by individuals that have problems communicating in a short manner.
Suffice to say, I know how to write five page e-mails.
by Dick October 22, 2003
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