DOWN LOW / dont tell nobody, between you & me
KEEP it on the lo lo
by Paulo G June 21, 2007
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Man i'm bout to hit up da mall and get sum new lo lo's
by Jaqailah April 11, 2006
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Annoying scenester broad that won't shutup
by JEBUS August 4, 2004
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The chant used by a priest unit in Age of Empires, when converting a member of the enemy tribe to its own.
Tribe 1 centurion: 'Hey look, an enemy priest!'
Tribe 1 other centurion: 'Wow, I wonder what he's doing all the way out he-'
Tribe 2 priest: 'Wo lo looooooo.' 'Wo lo loooooo.' 'Wo lo loooooooo.'
Tribe 1 other centurion: '.............MUST. ATTACK.'
Tribe 1 centurion: 'Whoa, WHAT?! AAAAAAAH!!!'
by rugtas May 18, 2011
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