1. Fidelity is the accuracy with which an electronic system reproduces the sound or image of its input signal.

Therefore the expression "High Fidelity" would indicate that a system, in the case of sound, is producing slick and high quality sound through its speakers.

2. Fidelity is also another word for faithfulness

3. An awesome film, which is a play on the meaning of Fidelity where the story is about music and love and therefore a mixture of the two meanings.
1. Damn! Them new speakers have high fidelity!

2. His fidelity isn't his strong point

3. Man I love that film High Fidelity! Jack Black is seriously funny and the soundtrack kicks arse!
by Calmal January 20, 2007
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a kickass movie that has jack black and john cusack in it i like that frickin movie
by blythe March 28, 2005
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the best movie ever.
seriously, it's a brilliant masterpiece with john cusack starring as mixtape master rob gordon, the owner of championship vinyl, a record store.
watch it.
all the cool kids like high fidelity.
by thehipster April 18, 2005
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A book written in 1995 which had a movie made about it that was no where near as good also the book is set in england not the us
High Fidelity is the best book ever much better than the movie.
by samurai kaid May 19, 2008
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1. An electronic device that is overkill or is grossly over-engineered for a given task. An example is a 200 megahertz oscilloscope on your $8,000 CD transport to view sound waves that are four orders of magnitude less clear.

2. Any expensive device bought to "improve" the performance of a system (not just a sound system), when only a small percentage of the potential of the added on device will be used.
They now have a "gaming" network card with a K-shaped heatsink on it, which is about as pointless as a high-fidelity oscilloscope.

So you bought a blu-ray recording deck to get crisp copies off your VHS tapes you taped off of UHF rabbit ears?? You might as well as bought a high fidelity oscilloscope to draw a graph of how often the furnace switches on.

Bob Dylan spent $2,000 on a new Karoke machine with the ribbon microphone,electrostatic speaker, and Akai open-reel deck, but I personally think he wasted his money on a high fidelity oscilloscope.

RiceBoy:My $250 Yugo has remote-start, DVD video system with navigation, and premium high-octane fuel in the tank, as well as an exhaust tailpipe big enough to fit an LP record album in sideways. MuscleCarMan:(sarcastic tone)You should put in a high-fidelity oscilloscope in next!
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