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1) An awesomely hot female
2)Someone very charismatic
1)Dude: She's like so hot, she's a lisan
2)Dude: Wow, he's so charismatic, he's a lisan.
by youreallycarewhoiam January 30, 2009
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Lisan, also known as Loki.

Loki the trickster God. Two personalities but one he upholds the most.

Selcouth, trustworthy, comical, Orphic & engaging, Five words that come to mind. His intelligence will ashtonish you, He may be the one jestering around but his more intellectual then most. There's more to what meets the eye and he can be a person to describe. Strike up a conversation and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Intriguing Personality which makes others wonder and draw themselves to his luminous radiation that fills the air. Many people know Loki but only a few truely know lisan and if you do, you will only know bonzer. Best integrity & morals only a few would understand. Trust is something he doesn't take lightly, lisan is a blissful friend which those should hold on to as the friendship will be nothing but abundance of happiness.
Humour & confidence is one of his many traits as he uses this to extend in each other's life's around him. He may have badluck at times but good fortune always follows after. He makes people feel comfortable to be themselves, which is something people appreciate more then lightly. He appreciates the little things & is always thankful. Respect you may have to earn but he's always fair & humble. Lisan is one down to earth and old soulful person, dark humour and nature at its finest. He most definitely deserves the best. Laugh now, cry later. Ironic traits as!
Good one, Lisan.
by Ducklady4 October 17, 2016
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